Programs start January 22 and finish on February 23

  • You may register for two (2) Evening Programs + 2 Saturday Programs
  • Evening Programs run from 6pm – 8pm
  • Online registration only
  • Saturday Programs run from 1pm – 4pm
  • Outdoor clothes are a MUST – we have outdoor play in all our Programs


Mondays from 6pm - 8pm

Clever Creations (Grades 1-3)

Ever paint with popcorn? Try your hand at Scratch Art and take home your own Flower Fan.   You’ll make your very own masterpiece every week!  

REGISTER for Clever Creations


Extreme Experiments (Grades 3-5)

Can rocks dissolve? Watch silent fireworks explode and build your own hovercraft. Push science to the extreme in this program!

REGISTER for Extreme Experiments

Tuesdays from 6pm - 8pm

Outrageous Science (Grades 1-3)

Can rainbow’s walk? Let’s make one and find out! Make a raincloud in a cup and check out our GROWING caterpillar experiment!

REGISTER for Outrageous Science


More to Explore (Grades 3-5)

Experience our crazy obstacle course! Test your skills with the egg drop challenge! Who’ll be the first to finish our scavenger hunt?

REGISTER for More to Explore

Wednesdays from 6pm - 8pm

Project Play (Grades 1-3)

Let’s play Balloon Ball, go sliding and play snow games! Compete in the magic magnet race! Work with friends in the snowball relay! Project Play - stay active and have fun this Winter!

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Curiosity Corner (Grades 3-5)

Build your own mini hot air balloon! Create colour changing play doh and learn how to make a popsicle stick explosion! We have the wildest projects at Curiosity Corner.

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Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm

Imagination Station (Grades 1-3)

Paper towel rockets, craft stick snakes and rock monsters! Let your imagination run wild!

REGISTER for Imagination Station


Colourful Discovery (Grades 3-5)

Make your own DIY photo frames, homemade Silly Putty and create a magnetic painting masterpiece. We’ve got you covered at Colourful Discovery!

REGISTER for Colourful Discovery

Friday Evenings from 6pm - 8pm (Grades 6-8 only) 

Club 115  

Come hang with your friends! Snacks, sports, slime and Just Dance! Challenge your friends and see who is the best foosball player!!! See you Friday!

REGISTER for Club 115

SUPER Saturdays from 1pm - 4pm 

Open to Grades Kindergarten to 5   **May Register for 2 Saturdays

SUPER Saturday (January 27): Ships Ahoy!
Build a Sailboat, make a treasure map and uncover the secret chest!

REGISTER for Ships Ahoy!


SUPER Saturday (February 10): Fantastic Fossils
Make your own Dino Eggs! Dig up dinosaur bones and erupt mini volcanoes!

REGISTER for Fantastic Fossils


SUPER Saturday (February 17): Undercover Fun
Crack super-secret codes; make your own spy gear and navigate through laser!

REGISTER for Undercover Fun


SUPER Saturday (February 24): Crafty Capes
Who’s your favourites Super Hero? Create your own Super Hero Mask; run the obstacle course and team up with other Super Hero’s to save the day!

REGISTER for Crafty Capes

Saturday ART Factory Workshops from 1pm - 4pm 

Open to Grades 4 & 5 ONLY   **May Register for 2 ART Factory Workshops

ART Factory Workshop (January 27): Van Gogh Painting
Learn how to blend oil paints and pastels to create your own Van Gogh masterpiece!

REGISTER for Van Gogh Painting


ART Factory Workshop (February 10): Mosaics
Use stones, beads and clay to create patterns that will become breath taking mosaics!

REGISTER for Mosaics


ART Factory Workshop (February 17): Dioramas
Learn how to create to different scales by creating Dioramas out of clay and papier mache!

REGISTER for Dioramas


ART Factory Workshop (February 24): Picasso Paintings
Learn how to blend paint and mix colours to create your own Picasso self-portrait!

REGISTER for Picasso Paintings


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