SNAP (STOP NOW AND PLAN) – a simple technique that causes children to stop and think before they act and make better choices “in the moment”.

  • SNAP is for boys and girls ages 6 to 11
  • This 13-week program is delivered in the classroom by bgc Staff.

SNAP concepts are taught through discussion, role play, activities and relaxation techniques.

Children ages 6-11

  • Learn how to make their problems smaller not bigger
  • Start to feel better about themselves
  • Avoid trouble and become GREAT Problem Solvers!

Stopping themselves (e.g. by counting to 10 or taking a deep breath) as soon as their body begins to react (e.g. throbbing head, tension, feeling hot). We call these reactions body cues.


Identifying any hard thoughts (e.g. “he’s doing that to make me mad”) and replacing them with helpful/realistic coping statements, or cool thoughts (e.g. “I can handle this”).


Picking a plan that meets these three criteria:
1) makes the problem smaller instead of bigger,
2) doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, and
3) makes them feel okay.

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What if we told you that SNAP can actually ‘reset’ a child’s brain in just 13 weeks?

Well, it’s true.

In a study jointly conducted by The Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto, leading researchers found that as children learn to use SNAP and develop self-control and problem-solving skills, there is increased activity in the regions of the brain responsible for monitoring self-control.

About SNAP®
SNAP® was developed by Child Development Institute, an accredited children’s mental health organization in Toronto, in 1985. Since then, the program has grown and evolved into an internationally recognized model for teaching children effective emotion-regulation, self-control and problem-solving.

bgc miramichi is a licensed SNAP® Affiliate.

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