Big Brothers Big Sisters / bgc is proud to Sponsor School Breakfast Programs in 23 schools.

Our Vision:

To ensure all children and youth attend school well nourished, improving their ability to learn, giving them the best chance of success in life..

Our Impact:

As lead partner in the School Breakfast Program, we will provide funding for the food in the Breakfast Program at 23 schools.   This financial contribution for food, gives the staff and volunteers an incredible boost in this program.

School Breakfast Program is open to all children and youth enrolled in the 23 schools sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters / bgc.   The philosophy of the program is that no child/youth is turned away.

Big Brothers Big Sisters / bgc is proud to join the wonderful partnership where schools, volunteers, community organizations and businesses come together to make the nutritional needs of children and youth a priority.


23 Schools sponsored by the Breakfast Program

  • Blackville School
  • Dr. Losier Middle School
  • Gretna Green School
  • James M. Hill High
  • King Street Elementary
  • Max Aitken Academy
  • Millerton School
  • Miramichi Rural
  • Napan Elementary School
  • Miramichi Valley High School
  • Nelson Rural
  • North & South Esk Elementary
  • North & South Esk Regional
  • Tabusintac Rural
  • École Carrefour Beausoleil
  • Metepenagiag School (Red Bank)
  • Natoaganeg School (Eel Ground)
  • Esgenoopetitj School (Burnt Church)
  • École RenĂ©-Chouinard (Lagaceville)
  • Centre Scolaire Communautaire La Fontaine
  • Etoile de l’Acadie
  • École Regionale de Baie Sainte-Anne
  • Harcourt School


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