Overview: This in school mentoring program is way to get involved with a child. It allows volunteer mentors (Bigs) to share time with a child (Little) in their school during the school-day.

Mentees: Kids between 5 and 14 who need extra support and friendship

Mentor: Anyone over 18 who would like to help a child do better in school

Minimum Commitment: 1 hour per week throughout the school year

Availability: We run In School Mentoring programs at Blackville School, Gretna Green School, King Street Elem, Max Aitken Academy, Millerton School, Napan Elementary, Nelson Rural, MVHS, James M Hill , NSER and NSEE.

When & Where: A the same time each week during the school day at a child’s school.

Meeting weekly through the school year, mentors build self-confidence in elementary and middle school students through a variety of activities including reading, arts and crafts, sports and board games.


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