NO FEE Spring Programs at the Boys & Girls Club 

  • Open to children and youth Grades K – 8
  • Grades K-5 may register for any 6 Programs
  • Grades 6-8 may register for any 4 Programs

  • Evening Programs run from 6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday Programs run from 1pm – 4pm
  • To Register: Call 778-2444 or register below


Monday, March 19 – Rocket Club (Grades 3-5) – Assemble your team, build your rocket and send it flying! It’s all happening here at Boys and Girls Club! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Tuesday, March 20 – Clay Creations (Grades 3-5) – A little clay and a lot of creativity! Build castles or dragons or even a giant! (6 – 8pm)

Wednesday, March 21 – Musical Art (Grades K-2) – Make awesome instruments with rubber bands and boxes! Play musical crafts and maybe even start a band! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Thurs., March 22 – Mad Lab (Grades K-2) – Get creative and messy in the Lab! Make slime and eat it too! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Saturday, March 24 – Art Workshop (Grades 6-8) – Express yourself with colour! Improve your art by learning how to mix hues and tints. You will learn how different colour combinations affect viewer’s moods and emotions and how to find the most powerful colour schemes for your works of art. (1 – 4pm)

Monday, March 26 – Catching Waves (Grades 3-5) – From Sound Waves to the Water Waves, we got them! Come see how sound moves and how water works! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Tuesday, March 27 – Monster Mania (Grades 3-5) – Get your team together and make the most terrifying monster ever! Hunt for Zombie Brains and play games! (6 – 8pm)

Wednesday, March 28 – Kaleidoscope Kreations (Grades K-2) – Lots of colors, lots of shapes and lots of fun! Who knows what you can create! Join us on our colorful adventure! (6 – 8pm)

Thursday, March 29 – A Knack for Crafts (Grades K-2) – Knick-knacks and what-nots all made by you! Make sun catchers and spinners, but most importantly have a blast too! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Tuesday, April 3 – Galaxies & Gravity (Grades 3-5) – Make your own personal galaxy, test out gravity and make your own aliens! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Wednesday, April 4 – Crafty Critters (Grades K-2) – The best combination of Crafts and Animals! From the zoo to the rainforest, you’ll see and create it all! (6 – 8pm)

Thursday, April 5 – Mix & Match Crafts (Grades K-2) – A little of this and a little of that! Some paint and glitter to make it go splat! Everything from sun catchers to animals, it’s all here! (6 – 8pm)

Friday, April 6 – Youth Night (Grades 6-8) – Magical World of Wizards awaits you at BGC! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Saturday, April 7 – Beach Party (Grades 1-5) – Come play some awesome beach games, make sand dough and build a castle! It’s sure to a blast at this Beach Party! (1 – 4pm)

Monday, April 9 – Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Grades 3-5) – Test out your airplane accuracy, make a train long enough to touch the moon and make your own mini go cart! (6 – 8pm)

Tuesday, April 10 – Popping Art (Grades 3-5) – Pop it, Throw it and Burst it! These are just a few of the ways we can create art! Make sure to wear old clothes! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Wednesday, April 11 – Exploration Station (Grades K-2) – Dig through quick sand and follow the map to find missing treasure and have fun with friends! (6 – 8pm)

Thursday, April 12 – Wonderful & Colorful (Grades K-2) – Be in a color relay race, paint with your fingers and nose! (6 – 8pm)

Monday, April 16 – Arts & Found (Grades 3-5) – Go on a scavenger hunt to find all the missing pieces that you’ll need to make something awesome! Come see what mystery piece of art is hiding at the Boys and Girls Club! (6 – 8pm)

Tuesday, April 17 – Start with Art (Grades 3-5) – Mess around with paint, get creative with string and have a blast with colors! (6 – 8pm)

Wednesday, April 18 – Color Blast (Grades K-2) – Blow bubbles that burst with color! Pop balloons filled with colour! Blast your way into color at the Boys and Girls Club! (6 – 8pm)

Thursday, April 19 – Atomic Kids (Grades K-2) – Send balloons whizzing through the air, see how strong eggs are and test the sinking powers of Ooblek! (6 – 8pm)

FULL    Saturday, April 21 – Art Workshop (Grades 6-8) – Art Journaling is for everybody! Find out how to improve creativity, release stress and express your thoughts through artistic journaling. Learn doodling techniques, design and lettering to create a personal diary meant just for you! You will want to use it every day. (1 – 4pm)

Monday, April 23 – Blasted Science (Grades 3-5) – Use blasters to knock bottles over, put eggs to the test and have an awesome time at the Boys and Girls Club! (6 – 8pm)

Tuesday, April 24 – Gutsy Graffiti (Grades 3-5) – Think outside the box! Mess is a must and fun is guaranteed! If it’s messy we’re making it happen at the Boys and Girls Club! (6 – 8pm)

Wednesday, April 25 – Super Solar (Grades K-2) – Make your own planet, aliens and don’t forget to name it! Play games too and make lots of new friends! (6 – 8pm)

Thursday, April 26 – Nocturnal Knights (Grades K-2) – Lots of animals love the night! Come see just how many are at the Boys and Girls Club! Lots of games and activities here! (6 – 8pm)

Friday, April 27 – Youth Night (Grades 6-8) – Come on down… you’re the next contestant! Join us for a night of game shows! (6 – 8pm)

FULL   Saturday, April 28 – Kersplat Kaboom (Grades 1-5) – Make everything bust, bang and pop! Whether its paint balloons, an egg drop or a cork rocket! It’s sure to be a great time! (1 – 4pm)

  • Children Grades K-5 may register for up to 6 programs
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