Gold Rush is a Weekly Toonie 50/50 draw. Remember to play your number every week!

Deadline to Play: 4 pm Tuesday

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Here's how to participate in our weekly modified 50/50 draw:

  1. Get a Gold Rush Ticket at any Gold Rush Box location.
  2. You play the SAME number every week.  It is your permanent number.
  3. Fill in the part of the Ticket that needs Your Name and Contact information.
    Put that half in the Gold Rush box:  now you are registered to Play.
    Keep the half with just your Gold Rush number on it.
  4. Take a Toonie and put a Green Dot on the Toonie.
    Write your number on the Dot that is on the Toonie.
    Make it clear and easy to read.

Remember:  Play Every Week.  Play the Same Number.
Your Number is in Every Draw and you need to Play to Win.

Deadline to Play: 4 pm Tuesday

Listen to 'How to Play'

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2 ways to get a Gold Rush Number

  • Get a Gold Rush Ticket at any of the Gold Rush locations
  • Come to the Boys & Girls Club

Age to Play:  18 yrs+

**Gold Rush Tickets are sold only in New Brunswick.**


[toggle title="Pre-Pay for your Gold Rush Number:"]

Pay in advance and you are guaranteed to be in every draw for 6 months or 1 year.

Two options to Pre-Pay:

  • 6 months for $52
  • 12 months for $104
Six Ways to Pre Pay:
  • Gold Rush Virtual Box Pay Here
  • By Phone with Credit Card: 778-2444 / 1-855-778-2444
  • In Person at our Office: 115 Maher St Miramichi, E1N 4B4
  • At a Gold Rush location
  • Cheque
    • drop a cheque in the Gold Rush Box (write your Gold Rush #  on it)
    • mail a cheque to our office


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Pre-Paid Expiry: Find out the Date when your Pre Paid period ends.

Check Date


[toggle title="Rules & Regulations"]

  1. Gold Rush 50/50 is open to the general public and subject to Provincial Laws and Regulations.
  2. You must be at least 18 years old to play.
  3. You must complete a one-time ticket (Gold Rush Ticket) and provide contact information.
  4. You can join Gold Rush anytime.
  5. Upon registering, you receive a Gold Rush number to be played to enter draws
  6. You may register for more than one Gold Rush number.
  7. You can enter the weekly draw by paying $2 at a participating Gold Rush location, prior to 4pm Tuesday, for that week’s Draw.
  8. You can also Pre-Pay for multiple weeks:  for 6 months $52 (26 draws) or 1 Year $104 (52 draws).
  9. The Gold Rush Weekly draws will take place at Big Brothers Big Sisters/Boys & Girls Club every Wednesday.
  10. If your Gold Rush number is drawn and you have played that week, you win HALF the Weekly Total Gold Rush pot.
  11. Rollover: If the winning number of a Gold Rush draw belongs to an entrant that has not paid his/her weekly $2.00, the amount will be added to the next weekly draw
  12. Winnings will be paid by cheque in the exact name provided on the registration ticket.
  13. Winners will be contacted using the information they provide in their registration. It is your responsibility to ensure registration information remains current.
  14. By registering, you agree to have your name, ticket number and Jackpot Prize published should your number be drawn.  For a Rollover prize, only the number drawn is published.
  15. A photo ID is required to collect your winnings. Winners consent to the use of their name and photograph for publicity purposes.
  16. Gold Rush numbers may be cancelled by writing a note, requesting your number be cancelled. The note can be dropped in any Gold Rush Box (the note must have your Gold Rush Number, your name, telephone number and date to cancel it.) You can also stop in to our office at 115 Maher Street, Miramichi and fill out a cancellation form.
  17. A Gold Rush Number not played for fifty two (52) consecutive weeks will be cancelled. The Gold Rush number will be re-issued to a new player.
  18. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the Gold Rush Prize Winner.  Winnings unclaimed after 90 days may be placed in a special draw or added back to the Pot at the discretion of Gold Rush organizers.
  19. No refunds.
  20. Gold Rush Tickets are sold only in New Brunswick.

NB Lottery License: 023539256000

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Play Gold Rush at:

  • N & J Convenience Newcastle
  • Atlantic Supervalu Chatham
  • City Limits Convenience Napan
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Douglastown
  • Papa Joe's Nelson
  • Sunny Corner General Store Sunny Corner
  • Dickson's Kwikway Chatham
  • Joe's Kwik Way Eel Ground
  • Deals 4U Newcastle
  • Circle K Irving Blackville
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Newcastle
  • Boys & Girls Club/Big Brothers Big Sisters


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