How do I get a Gold Rush number?

Fill out a Green Card at a Gold Rush Location or at our office

How is the weekly Draw done?

  • Draw is held at Big Brothers Big Sisters/Boys & Girls Club
  • Room is under camera and draw is videotaped for archives
  • Ballots are in a clear, transparent Drum
  • 7 individuals are present to verify the Draw
  • 1 Board member makes the Draw
  • Photo of the draw is taken and photo is stored
  • Those present for the Draw verify the Number Drawn, check the tracking log to see if the Player played a Toonie or has Pre-Paid for this Draw
  • Winner: is contacted.  Announcements go out: Radio, E-Newsletter, Top of Boxes, Newspaper, Facebook, Website
  • No Winner: the player is not contacted.  Announcements go out: Radio, E-Newsletter, Top of Boxes, Newspaper, Website
  • Ballot is returned to the Drum for all future draws
  • Ballot drum is locked; drum is stored in a locked cabinet.

How do I play Gold Rush?

Go to a location with a Gold Rush box; take a Green DOT off the side of the Box;

Write your Number on the Dot. Put the Dot on the Toonie. Drop the Toonie in the Box.

Can I put the Gold Rush ticket in my child’s name?

No – Lottery Licence requirement is for all Players to be 18 years or older.

When is the Draw?

The Draw is on Wednesday. Play by 4 pm on Tuesday

Is the Draw done from the Toonies?

No. The Draw is from the Numbers.

How long is my Number in the Draw?

Until you cancel the number

What is “roll-over” ?

If a player did not play their Toonie (or it was not Pre Paid) and their number is drawn, that prize rolls over to the next draw. That’s why it’s called a modified 50/50

Can I play more than one number?

Yes. Fill in another Gold Rush ticket to get another number to be played every week. Remember…a number needs to played every week to win.

How can I pay in advance so I won’t forget to play?

Ways to Pre Pay your Gold Rush Number:

  • Drop a cheque in any Gold Rush Box and put your Gold Rush Number on the memo line
  • Call and prepay by phone with a credit card     (506) 778-2444
  • Come and pay in person at our office  115 Maher St Miramichi
  • Online:

What happens if I don’t play my Gold Rush number for fifty two (52) weeks in a row?

A Gold Rush Number not played for fifty two (52) consecutive weeks will be cancelled.  The Gold Rush number will be re-issued to a new player.

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