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Past Dream Cottage Winners

Dream Cottages are all over the greater Miramichi region. Two of the Dream Cottages moved a bit beyond our region, one is in Bathurst as a home and one is in Fredericton used as a home. All of the others are in the greater Miramichi region. The quality of the Dream Cottage gives years of comfort and enjoyment to the owner. Here are the winners through the years:

1993 Romeo St. Pierre
1994 Bill Hogan
1995 Jo-Ann Scott
1996 Allison Underhill
1997 Karen LeGresley
1998 Thelma Carroll
1999 Barb Flett
2000 Cash Lottery
2001 Shella Leach
2002 Brent Doiron
2003 Sean McPhee
2004 Burton Martin
2005 Jean Bell
2006 Stacy McCosh
2007 Scotiabank Staff
2008 Anne Comeau
2009 Eric Carroll
2010 Peggy Doyle
2011 Linda Hay
2012 John Matchett
2013 Jackie Savage
2014 Franciose Gedeon
2015 David Olsen
2016 Sabrina Ward
2017 Darla McKay

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