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Grand Prize

Grand Prize: Dream Cottage

WINNER: Darla McKay Ticket #4732

“Live the Dream” with this fabulous Dream Cottage, valued at $100,000! This charming open-concept home has two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. The Cottage is modular construction, and it’s ready to move to your favorite site!

This gorgeous Dream Cottage is perfect for you, for every season of the year and every season of your life!
Welcome home!

Tag: add Tag to your ticket(s) and win furnishings and appliances with the Dream Cottage.

Or opt for Cash prize instead; the prize is $65,000 with Tag or $55,000 if no Tag on the ticket.

Play Tag & Win the Furnishings too!   Here’s the list of Furnishings

25 Bonus Draws: iPad Air 2

Date of draw: July 5


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