We have a variety of camps and trips available, with affordable fees and financial support available and caring staff. Summer camp helps build confidence, skills and friendship while having FUN! Camps are available to youth from grades K-8 (must have completed Kindergarten June 2019).

Summer Camps

July 2 – 5:
FULL    Digging for Dinos
(Grades K-2)
Are you ready to dig for fossils? Uncover bones, make fizzing dinosaur eggs, create salt dough fossils, make your own dinosaur dirt cups and more. If you love Dinosaurs then this is the camp for you!

FULL    Treasure Hunters (Grades 3-5)
Is there any treasure hidden at the Boys and Girls Club? There’s only one way to find out! Solve the riddles on the treasure map that the pirates left behind…but don’t get caught or you’ll have to walk the plank into the pool of goo!

July 8 – 12
FULL    Once Upon a Time
(Grades K-2)
Help us defeat the Boys and Girls Club dragon! Wear a cape and crown, build your own castle and jump inside a real life fairy tale! You won’t believe what you will find during our walk through the enchanted forest!

3,2,1 BLAST OFF (Grades 3-5)
We are launching ourselves into space! Build your own rocket, find a way to communicate with aliens and make your own space gear! You won’t want to miss out joining us on this space mission!

July 15 – 19
FULL    Slimy Adventures
(Grades K-2)
Wear your old clothes because things are going to get messy! We’ll make Powder Paint Slime, play Slimy Twister, race to find lost items in our Slime Pool and have edible slime for snack! Do you have the next great slime recipe? Come find out at the Boys and Girls Club!

FULL    Kids and Kops (Grades 3-5)
Children for this camp are pre-selected by Big Brothers Big Sisters

July 22 – 26
FULL    Colour Wars
(Grades K-5)
Who will win? Team Green? Yellow? Red? Come and find out! Do a tie-dye project, play messy twister, and paint tag. We’ll balloon burst paint, have colorful water fights and so much more! Make sure you’re wearing your teams color for the last day of challenges!

July 29 – August 2
FULL    Wet & Wild
(Grades K-2)
The best part about summer? Cooling off! Play dribble dribble drench, bust water piñatas, see how far you can go on our slip ‘n slide and help your team win the frozen t-shirt rely race!

FULL    SPLASH-tacular (Grades 3-5)
This week is about to get cooler! Come join us for an epic slip-n-slide, race to the finish in our splash-tacular obstacle course, play water balloon volleyball but don’t dare step in the wrong square of our super soaker maze! Goggles and towels are a MUST for this Camp!

August 6 – 9
FULL    Splash Zone
(Grades K-2)
Lookin’ for a splashin’ good time? Grab your swimsuit and sign up for Splash Zone today! At this camp, you’ll be splashing your way from one awesome water game to the next! Get completely SOAKED in Water War and finish off the week with a water fight between Campers and Summer Staff!

FULL    Splash and Dash (Grades 3-5)
This week is all about water games! Water balloon baseball, sponge rely, racing to be the first team to fill their bucket with colored water, trying to dodge the sprinkler and so much more! Finish off the week with a water fight between Campers and Summer Staff… who will win?

August 1215
Go Girls
(Grades 5-7)
This week is all about Girls! Build your leadership skills, make new friends and embrace your individuality! Build self-confidence and positive thinking from the inside out! Fun activities, crafts, games, swimming and more.

August 19 – 22
FULL    Ultimate Survival
(Grades 6-8)
Will your team be the BGC Survivor Champions? Only one way to find out! You and your team will have different challenges to complete throughout the week. The better your team does, the more points you will get! Be ready to get muddy, eat some interesting food combinations and have lots of fun! OUTWIT! OUTPLAY! OUTLAST!

Information about our Summer Camps

About Camps

  • All camps are signed up for on a weekly basis
  • You can register for a maximum of TWO WEEKS of camp
  • No half days of camp offered

How to Register

  • Online: Register Now!
  • Call: Tel: 778-2444
  • In Person: 115 Maher St., Miramichi

Financial Sponsorship

We use the LICO table to make sure kids who need Camp the most, come for free!

What is LICO?
It's the "Low Income Cut-Off" for household income. It's the amount of money in a household before taxes. Proof of income for Free Camp: Your "Notice of Assessment" for 2018 from Revenue Canada.

NO Fee for Camp if Family Household Income falls within these brackets (before taxes)

# of People in Home Household Income
1 person $19,540.
2 persons $24,324.
3 persons $29,903.
4 persons $36,308.
5 persons $41,180.
6 persons $46,444.
7 persons or more $51,709.


Need a Ride to Camp? We can make it happen! The Bus will be out for morning pick-ups and for afternoon drop offs! **must be booked at time of registration.

What's the fee if you are in a home with a higher income?
$50 a camp     $25 Fee for Bus (if required) PER WEEK
* Camp Fees are due at time of registration and are non-refundable

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Fridays:  9:00am – 1:00pm
    *Early Bird Drop off available

Important to Know

  • Camps are open to children Grades K – 8
  • Morning and Afternoon snacks provided for all camps
  • Parents are requested to notify the Camp Leader if the child is to leave the camp during the day.
  • All campers will receive a “Camp at a Glance” on the first day of camp outlining the activities for the week.

What to Bring to Camp

  • Lunch & drink (water bottle)
  • Running shoes – no sandals please
  • Sun Screen
  • Hat
  • Change of clothes
  • Bathing suit & towel

Each week will include an outing to the Outdoor Pool – a supervised and fun swim for all children.

Personal Belongings
The Boys and Girls Club is not responsible for any items your child loses at camp. Please label all clothing and belongings. All left over clothing will be kept for one week at the end of camp.

Medication Administration
All medication MUST be given in its original container with the required dosage on the container. Please provide instructions for administering medication. All medications must be given directly to a Camp Staff upon arrival.